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XLReporter is the first award winning software for
automated reporting and data analysis.

Developed with the most current technology, the product fits perfectly for all type of reports. Compliance, Regulatory, Efficiency, Maintenance, Batch, Productivity and more.

If you can think it... XLReporter can do it !
Scalable All-in-One Solution - Quick Return on Investment
Reports are produced by a proprietary reporting engine that transforms report templates into workbbooks, encrypted PDF, web pages and distributes them via email, mobile devices and printers.

Select an "out of the box" template from the Library, point to your data source and you will be scheduling and distributing reports in a few minutes, guaranteed.

If you prefer, use XLReporter's template "Design Studio" built into Microsoft Excel and harness all the features of Excel, such as charts and formula, along with XLReporter functions specifically designed for industry.

The entire process of collecting data, analyzing its content and distributing reports is fully automated, freeing valuable human resources to focus on higher priorities.

By providing the right report to the right person at the right time, prompt changes can be made to the process to improve quality and increase productivity.

XLReporter Workstation starts at $995.
XLReporter Team with 3 clients starts at $2595.

Automated or Interactive
XLReporter produces reports automatically in the background or by user interaction where the user specifies date ranges and other report parameters.

Completed reports are consistent with the template so there is no touchup or rework needed to achieve highly polished results.

For users across the organization, interactive reporting is offered in the Team edition. Users view scheduled reports and produce their own through secure server-side reporting services for fast and responsive results.

Team users can colloborate and share annotated reports on workstations and mobile devices.
Powerful Dashboard

The reporting engine is fast, placing hundreds of thousands of values into your reports in seconds. This gives immediate information on what is going on in the process.

Add an entry in XLReporter' s Scheduler and have the reports saved periodically to web pages.  With your users using the web portal, information is at the right place at the right time.

Check out on your mobile device.
Data Connection - No limitation in the number of tags
XLReporter has over 70 native data connectors for every leading HMI / SCADA, OPC, OPC-HDA and databases.

Selecting a data source is as easy as clicking a product name. Once connected, all the tags are displayed for your selection.

There is no limitation in the number of tags in any XLReporter packages.

If data sources are not readily available, turn your project off-line and continue your develop.  This is an ideal platform for validating, scheduling and distributing your templates before they are deployed to a live environment.
XLReporter also provides a connector for manually collected data.  The infomation is entered into forms designed in XLReporter and saved in a relational database so that it can be used in reports.

Operator rounds, laboratory results and operator comments are a few examples of where form data is better in a database than a filing cabinet.
Advanced Data Analysis - Turn raw data into meaningful information
Create all kinds of reports from simple summaries to advanced drill down and KPI reports to provide an insight to the productivity of a process.

Statistic Process Control (SPC) calculations are included in all product editions at no additional cost.  Use X-Bar and R charts to detect anolomies by having them periodically update on a dashboard.

Conditional summaries and interlacing data from two disparate sources are just a few examples of the “out of the box” capabilities as well as standard calculations such as maximum, minimum, average, total, deviation, integral, accumulation, state profile, difference, on/off count, on/off duration and many more.
Start Small and Grow
Start on a standalone workstation generating reports automatically and grow to a team of workstations, each submitting their own form data and requesting their own custom report.

XLReporter fits any budget and seamlessly integrates into any existing system. No executive decisions or additional hardware required.