AutomationWorld discusses automated report generation and data analysis of XLReporter

Product | May 21, 2012

Automated Report Generation and Data Analysis Software

XLReporter Version 10.0 provides data entry management and reporting from text files.

The data entry component turns Microsoft Excel into a "design studio" for the creation of data entry forms, database design and linkage of the forms to the databases, without any programming. The software then validates the data and stores it in a secure central database, making it available for reports from local or remote client stations. The list of interfaces has been expanded to include text filesProduce reports from CSV files, enabling direct reporting from data loggers. The data entry component is designed to set up the entire solution in the familiar Excel environment, taking advantage of the ability to deploy it across the network for gathering and storing information to a central database. Once deployed, users access the forms according to their credentials. Information entered in the forms is saved to the database using web services, which ensures the integrity of the information and the security of the database. This is useful for any industry that enters data manually, such as user recordings or laboratory results, combining it with automatically collected data for reporting without bringing in IT specialists. Support for most databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and Access, ensures that it can be used in any industry, large or small.

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