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October, 2014

Trihedral becomes a SyTech Strategic Partner

FRANKLIN, MA. October 27, 2014 SyTech Inc., the leading provider of automated report generation and data analysis software for industry, announced that Trihedral has become a SyTech Strategic Partner providing seamless integration between the XLReporter and VTScada software products.

Trihedral is the developer of VTScada monitoring and control software. VTScada helps to solve complex SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) problems robustly and easily. Many of their users, especially those in the Water and Wastewater industry, are using XLReporter with VTScada for regulatory reporting and distribution. As Strategic Partners, both products will be continually tested to ensure that customers are delivered a reliable and cost effective solution.

With XLReporter’s intuitive point-and-click configuration, users easily create informative drill-down, summary, utilization and regulatory reports from VTScada’s integrated Historian via the VTScada ODBC Server. Completed reports are distributed via web pages, networked printers, PDF files and email. or reporting solution that best meets their unique needs.

“Both Trihedral and SyTech have proven track records in industry, with over 50 years of combined experience. The customers of both companies will benefit from this relationship, making it significantly easier for them to acquire their data and produce reports quickly and easily.” says Glenn Wadden, President of Trihedral.

"The partnership of Trihedral and SyTech is a solid endorsement of the value XLReporter brings to applications that require reporting," states Peter Kaprielian, CTO of SyTech. “With Excel as its design studio, reports can use all the features offered by Excel and also take advantage of existing State regulatory reports, significantly increasing user productivity.”

XLReporter is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and Windows Server operating systems. Support for Excel extends to Office 2013 on both 32 and 64 bit platforms.

About SyTech, Inc.
Founded in 1991, SyTech develops software for report generation and analysis. The product, XLReporter, is the recognized leader in industry for automating and distributing reports. XLReporter delivers connectivity to all the major HMI/SCADA, Historian and business data sources through proprietary or industry standards. The product is sold by automation software distributors and OEMs with implementations in over 80 countries around the world. SyTech markets include manufacturing, utilities such as water and wastewater, building automation and energy management. Their award-winning software is endorsed by small municipal facilities as well as major international manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.www.sytech.com

About Trihedral, Inc.
Instantly Intuitive - Trihedral believes that creating great SCADA applications should be easy. Easy to price, develop, operate and support. We designed VTScada to make you productive in your first hour, with instantly intuitive tools and a unique architecture that integrates all core SCADA components in a single, easy-to-use package. 28 years of dedication, one outstanding product.www.Trihedral.com

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