SyTech Releases XLReporter Version 10.0

April, 2012

SyTech Releases XLReporter Version 10.0

Excel Reports and Forms for Industry.

FRANKLIN, MA. April 18, 2012 SyTech Inc., the leading provider of automated report generation and data analysis software, today announced XLReporter Version 10.0. This latest evolution provides two new components; data entry management and reporting from text files. First, the data entry component turns Microsoft Excel into a "design studio" for the creation of data entry forms, database design and linkage of the forms to the databases, without any programming. XLReporter then validates the data and stores it in a secure, central database, making it available for reports from local or remote client stations. Second, XLReporter's impressive list of interfaces has been expanded to include text files, enabling direct reporting from data loggers.

XLReporter's data entry component, Interactive Forms, is designed to set up the entire solution in the familiar environment of Excel, taking advantage of XLReporter’s ability to deploy it across the network for gathering and storing information to a central database. Once deployed, users access the forms according to their credentials. Information entered in the forms is saved to the database using web services which ensures the integrity of the information and the security of the database. Interactive Forms is ideal for any industry that enters data manually, such as user recordings or laboratory results, combining it with automatically collected data for reporting without bringing in IT specialists.

Support for most databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and Access, ensures that Interactive Forms can be used in any industry, large or small.

"With Microsoft Excel as the design studio, there was no need to learn anything new to create intuitive user entry forms complete with calculations, formatting and validation. This reduced our engineering time substantially," says Sarah Elger (P.E) from Xylem. "In addition, maintenance of the database did not involve specialists because no programming was required."

The second new reporting component, addresses the obstacles users face when creating reports from text files. Text files, like those created by data loggers, are usually generated periodically and consequently a report may span hundreds of files. Also, because the file content is text, analytics can only be produced with specialized tools or programming.

The new technology enables the user to "stitch " together the data from disparate files into a single entity to produce reports that go beyond each text file. In addition, a list of tag names is automatically maintained so tags can be simply selected by XLReporter’s tag browsers. It features filtering and sorting together with analytic calculations such as the average for each hour of a day.

"Producing reports that incorporate manually entered data with production data is a challenge for industry," explains Peter Kaprielian, CTO of SyTech. "With this version of XLReporter, these challenges are met in one package."

Analytic calculations are also provided for historians. XLReporter is widely used with leading historians and SCADA systems by GE Intelligent Platforms, Wonderware, Rockwell Software, Emerson Process Management, and Siemens together with industry standards such as OPC, OPC-HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB.

An evaluation copy of the Team edition of XLReporter can be downloaded from

About Xylem: Xylem span off from ITT Corporation on October 31, 2011 and began a new chapter as a leading global water technology company with operations in more than 150 countries; a passionate, talented, and experienced workforce; well-known industry-leading brands and water solution products, 2011 revenues of $3.8 billion and a shared commitment to making a difference in communities around the world. Xylem comprises four business units - Water Solutions, Flow Control, Analytics and Residential and Commercial Water. These four units are interconnected, anticipating and reflecting evolving needs and sharing their applications expertise to cover every stage of the water cycle.

About SyTech, Inc: SyTech has been providing report generation and analysis software since 1991. We are recognized as a leader in advancing the technology used to automate and distribute reports in Excel, PDF and Web formats. Our innovative approach delivers products that are quick to implement, reliable and cost effective. SyTech products are resold by automation software distributors and OEMs with implementations in 60 countries around the world. Our award-winning software XLReporter is endorsed by small municipal facilities as well as major international manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.

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