SyTech Releases XLReporter Version 8.0

July 10, 2001

SyTech Releases XLReporter Version 8.0

XLReporter, Automate your reports.

FRANKLIN, MA. October, 2007 SyTech Inc., the leading provider of automated report generation and data analysis software, today announced XLReporter Professional Version 8.0. This version provides the key layer of technology that enables report generation in Microsoft Office Excel to be performed automatically, in the background.

The product is fully compatible with Microsoft Vista and all other Windows operating systems. Support for the Office Excel family has been extended to Excel 2007 using the new Office Fluent user interface.

The impressive list of supported data servers now includes customized interfaces to GE Fanuc Proficy Historian and iFIX history logs, Wonderware Historian and InTouch history logs, Rockwell Software Historian and RSView data logs, Emerson Process Management Continuous Historian together with industry standards such as OPC, OPC-HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB.

Reporting is more than simply getting values into an Excel worksheet. With the builtin Management functions of version 8.0, raw data can be easily turned into meaningful information to make reports come alive. Report formatting, color coding "out of bound" values, filtering and sorting are all included in addition to more advanced functions such as covariance, correlation, moving average and frequency distribution.

"This release secures XLReporter's position as one of the best reporting products for Excel," explains Peter Kaprielian, CTO of SyTech. "With the Excel 2007 Office Fluent user interface, the report content has become much more sophisticated, yet the task of building a template has been greatly simplified". "This approach to reporting is in line with our goal to provide clients with ever improving solutions that produce an immediate return on investment".

About SyTech SyTech is a privately held company and the leading provider of automated report generation and data analysis software. Founded in 1991, SyTech quickly recognized the need for easy to use and reliable report generation products. Since that time, SyTech has developed several solutions for automated reporting and data analysis, which are currently sold by suppliers of automation software and OEMs. Today, SyTech enjoys the status of being the number one supplier of automated reporting products with installations worldwide.

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