Produce Reports

Produce reports automatically or on-demand from the local station and across the network.


XLReporter produces reports in two ways:

  • Automatically
    Produce reports in the background according to a pre-defined schedule or process events.
  • On-Demand
    Produce reports manually by a user specifying report parameters.


Automatic Reports

The heart of automatic reports is the XLReporter scheduler which runs on the desktop or as a Windows service. It processes a set of schedule actions which indicate what to do and when to do it, e.g., at the end of the day produce a shift report or when a pump fails send an email.

The schedule actions are not limited to reporting:

  • Archive folders to compressed files and move them to a remote location
  • Transfer files by email and FTP
  • Run third party applications and scripts

On-Demand Reports

On-Demand reports are produced local to XLReporter or across the network (team edition) using any device supporting a web browser.

In both cases the report is produced manually by selecting a template and specifying its settings e.g., dates and alarm thresholds, or a facility, an area, or piece of equipment. Enable auto-refresh and watch the report dashboard update automatically. Users are managed by their user credentials. For additional security, data sources are not accessed directly but through secure reporting services designed for a multi-user environment.

Use XLReporter connectors to the leading historians, PLCs, business databases and industry standards such as OPC
Design templates using all the features of Microsoft Excel and XLReporter functions specific for industry
Produce Workbook, encrypted PDF and Web reports, automatically or on-demand
Distribute reports by email, ftp, printer and file server or publish them to XLReporters web portal and access them by web browsers