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XLReporter Product History from Version 10.0

SyTech releases XLReporter V14.4
XLReporter V14.4 addresses Microsoft updates for DCOM and the Office 365 email server as well as making improvements to the Database (time series) Historical values (wide multi-table) and (narrow multi-column) connectors, making it easier to navigate for users.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V14.3
XLReporter V14.3 advances Database (time series) connectors to support more complex database tables.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V14.2
This version advances manual data entry for operator rounds, log books and more. Other features include advanced filters for ISA 18.2 alarm module, support for eDMR, database consolidator and web portal download (Excel and PDF)
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SyTech releases XLReporter V14.1
This version expands the data connectivity of XLReporter to Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Services, HMS Ewon M2Web and ProSoft PLX51. Enhancements have also been made to the ISA 18.2/IEC 62686 Alarm Management module and the Template Studio.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V14
This version of XLReporter expands its capability to Web reporting, 21CFR Part 11 features and ISA 18.2 Alarm Management. Any device with a web browser can view automated reports on the server and produce custom reports on-demand. Reports are responsive to the device size to provide the best view of the report content.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V12.6
This version of XLReporter sets a new standard for worksheet reports in industry. A new connector to the HMS Talk2M cloud service, developed from a partnership between SyTech and HMS Networks, opens endless opportunities to reports and dashboards for data anywhere in the world.
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The Design Studio is a first for industry. Users can now choose if they wish to design templates using the XLReporter addin in Microsoft Excel or the new Design Studio which has the "same look and feel" but does not require the installation of any additional software. With the new Design Studio, designing and producing workbooks without Microsoft Excel has become a reality.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V12.5
This version of XLReporter adds new connectors such as eWON and Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV Event Chronicle. Improvements to FactoryTalk View SE data log model connector produces analytics twice as fast. Advanced Connectors for specialized functionality is introduced with ISA 18.2 Alarm Management, DeltaV Basic Batch and FactoryTalk VantagePoint which provides the publishing of reports to the VantagPoint Portal. Support for named cells as a new way of placing data in a report adds immense flexibility to the types of reports that can be produced.
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XLReporter Automates Regulatory and Compliance Reports
Find out how easily you can create and automate compliance reports such as Thermal Uniformity Survery report, Clean/Steam in Place report, Water Treatment report, Statistical Process Analysis report, using XLReporter - Industrial Excel.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V12.4
This version of XLReporter adds the new Excel 2016 features such as Icon Sets, Data Bars, Color Scales, Highlight Cells, Top n / Bottom n Rules. No limit to the number of rules per cell. Connector enhancements to GE Historian, FactoryTalk View SE Alarms and Events and the introduction of Tatsoft FactoryStudio.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V12.3
This version of XLReporter introduces connectors to OPC UA, Inductive Automation Ignition, Wonderware InTouch ME, Indusoft Point of View, Schneider Electric ClearSCADA and more. It also includes powerful management functions that deliver functionality to solve the "impossible" reports.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V12.0
This version of XLReporter introduces a powerful reporting engine as well as two new components, the Template Library and Template Studio. The reporting engine produce Workbook, PDF and Web reports from templates designed in Microsoft Excel using the Microsoft Open XML standard.
Users design templates in the software they understand, Microsoft Excel, but no longer need to deploy Excel to produce reports.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V11.0
This version provides enhanced data entry and secure editing of reports.
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SyTech releases XLReporter V10.0
This version introduces two new components, data entry management and reporting from text files. Data entry management replaces pen and paper data entry by modern electronic forms. Reporting from text files technology "stitches" a set of text files so that they can be treated like a historian.
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