XLReporter Version 12.3

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More Data Connectors

Data connectors provide the information to the report as raw values, summary values and metrics.
Data connectors can run side-by-side populating common reports, allowing values from different data sources (such as real-time data from AB PLCs and historical values from GE Digital Historian) to be incorporated into a single report.

New Management Functions

Management functions are designed specifically for industry.

Data Group Enhancements

Data groups provide the information to the report. Create new data groups by cloning them from existing groups to save time and avoid duplicity in configuration. Use search and replace and quickly change group settings such as the “node” or “topic” of a tag.

Analytics from Sparse Data

The time-weighted analytic calculations provided by XLReporter support sparse data sets. Sparse data sets occur when historians are configured to log data on change or exception.

Scheduler Enhancements

For certain connectors, the Scheduler now registers with the HMI system so that if/when the HMI shuts down, the Scheduler shuts down as well.

When a scheduler script detects a new file in a folder, the script will only continue if the file is “closed”. In addition, the file is tagged as processed as an alternative to moving it to an archive folder.

New Library Templates

New library templates for dashboards and trending. Creates report templates in a few easy steps by selecting a style from the library, picking the data source and a schedule, and having the configuration done automatically.

Version 12.3 Summary