Connect To Data

Learn how to connect XLReporter to your PLCs, Historians, Alarms and Database Interfaces.

XLReporter is delivered with over 70 connectors to real-time, historical and database interfaces. There is no restriction to how many you use.
All Connectors

Provider Connector
Rockwell Automation RSLinx Classic
RSView32 Real-time values
RSView32 Historical values
PanelView Plus Historical values
FactoryTalk View SE Historical values
FactoryTalk View SE Alarms
FactorTalk Alarm and Events
FactoryTalk Historian
GE Digital iFIX Real-time values
iFIX Historical values
iFIX Alarms
Cimplicity Real-time values
Cimplicity Historical values
Cimplicity Alarms
Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV Real-time values
DeltaV Continuous Historian
DeltaV Advanced Continuous Historian
DeltaV Batch Historian
DeltaV Event Chronicle
DeltaV Event Journal
DeltaV Analyze
HMS Networks Ewon Flexy
Ewon eSync
Inductive Automation Ignition Real-time values
Ignition Historical values
Ignition Transaction Group values
Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Real-time values
WinCC Historical values
PCS7 Real-time values
PCS7 Historical values
WinCC/PCS7 Alarms
Wonderware InTouch Real-time values
InTouch Historical values
InTouch Alarms
ArchestrA FSGateway Real-time values
Wonderware Historian
Wonderware Historian Alarms
Indusoft Point of View Real-time values
Point of View Historical values (OPC HDA)
Tatsoft FactoryStudio Real-time values
FactoryStudio Historical and Alarm values
Trihedral VTScada Real-time values
VTScada Historical values
VTScada Alarms
Kepware KEPServerEX Real-time values
KEPServerEX Local Historian
Citect Citect Real-time values
Citect Historical values
Citect Alarms