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XLReporter turns data into actionable information.
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XLReporter V16 delivers Push Reports to provide heightened visibility into the critical processes monitored by WIN-911.
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Monterey Bay Aquarium Deploys XLReporter to Help Ocean Conservation
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SyTech accepted as an Emerson DeltaV Silver Alliance Member.
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XLReporter is used in 100's of water and wastewater facilities in the USA.
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Falmouth MA Treatment Plant

SyTech accepted as an Emerson DeltaV Silver Alliance Member.
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XLReporter is used in 100's of water and wastewater facilities in the USA.
Read Why
Falmouth MA Treatment Plant

SyTech Is A SmartSights Company

What is SmartSights?

SmartSights provides clear insights for effective decision-making and action. It is a global leader in enlightening businesses with data driven analytics, reports and notification, enabling operations to confidently manage their critical infrastructure. By providing comprehensive visibility, SmartSights enables swift problem resolution, waste reduction, and cost efficiencies, elevating operational performance significantly.

The elevated operational intelligence is the result of the synergy between WIN-911 and SyTech, two industry powerhouses who joined forces to create SmartSights, delivering impactful, data-driven solutions in a dynamic business environment.

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What Would You Like to Do?

Report from Live Data

A low-cost, easy reporting solution that does not require a historian or database. Report on on-premise or remote data.

XLReporter's "Report as you Run" technology adds data to the report periodically or by process events. Read more

Report from History

Access raw data, summary values and industry specific metrics from a historians or databases.

Publish web pages with ease and at incredible speeds and view them on the web or mobile devices. Read more

Report On-demand

Perform custom analysis by setting report parameters such as dates, tags, IDs and thresholds.

Start standalone and grow to a team of people, each generating their reports from a web browser. Read more

How Does XLReporter Work in My Application?


No technical skills or SQL programming, simply select one or many data sources and choose the tags/items for your report.

Over 80 connectors to the leading HMI/SCADA/Historians including interfaces to Rockwell Automation, GE Digital, AVEVA, Emerson Automation Solutions, Siemens, Inductive Automation and Trihedral.

Support for Industry standards such as OPC DA, UA, AE and HDA, business standards such as OLEDB and ODBC, relational databases such as SQL Server and MySQL and file formats such as CSV.

Connect to Data


Templates are designed in the Template Library or Template Design Studio.

The Library gets you reporting in minutes, guaranteed. It contains over 50 "out-of-box" templates for Analysis, SPC, Statistics, Dashboards, Trends, Mobile devices and much more.

The Design Studio is provided standalone or built into Microsoft Excel. Take full advantage of charts, formulas, formatting, pagination, headers/footers plus the XLReporter functions specifically designed for industry.

Use your existing Excel skills and avoid the steep learning curve usually associated with new software. Save time by starting with existing Excel workbooks such as those provided by government agencies.



Produce Excel workbooks, worksheets, encrypted PDF documents and web pages without needing Excel.

The reports are consistent with the template, no touchup or rework needed to achieve highly polished results, regardless of the file format.

Schedule reports automatically in the background, on time or on process events. Share reports by email, transfer them to a server using FTP or access them in XLReporter's Web Portal from any device, on any platform supporting a web browser.

Empower your team with insight, locally or across the network from team clients.

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What Customers Are Saying

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Knowledge and Professionalism

Recently I contacted SyTech's support team regarding the implementation of ISA-18.2 Alarm Management Reporting. The knowledge and professional communication about XLReporter solidified my preference to use XLReporter in all my future projects.
Charles Falardeau, Allardyce Bower Consulting

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Best in Class

I have worked with many different vendors over the years and it is not too often you run by a company as patient as SyTech on a project such as mine.
Jeff VanNatten, City of Akron Water Supply

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After hearing about the new WIN-911 connector in XLReporter V15, I contacted SyTech support. In a matter of minutes, I had “out of box” notification reports from my WIN-911 database. My reaction was “awesome” to which they replied, that’s a word we like to hear.
Patrick Puente, Wire to Water

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Excellent Job

We always receive professional and timely support from SyTech. I wish to thank the company and people for doing an excellent job with the software.
Kevin Moss, Specialty Cheese Company, Inc.

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I needed to log events to a database and produce monthly event reports for a major international airport. Facing a time crunch, SyTech worked with me all the way. Outstanding!
Chris J. Maida, Virginia Controls

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One of the Best Companies

I had never seen XLReporter and needed to upgrade a 12+ year old system used with iFIX. After reading the documentation it took a 15 minute call with tech support to walk me through the process. They are one of the best companies I have ever encountered.
John Kelly, Industrial Controls

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Best Experience

As a System Integrator, I've spoken to many tech support centers at various software and hardware companies, and SyTech's is by far the best experience I've had. For any future project requiring reports, XLReporter will certainly be at the top of my list.
Marianne Harden, McEnery Automation

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Professional Support

I have been working with SyTech products since 1999. Every time I call for assistance, I receive professional support with successful results. Other vendors need to take note from the professional service and support that SyTech provides!
Peter Rafeedie, Triad Control Systems

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The Complete Package

Reporting in the water industry is essential for State requirements. Easy to use, personalized support and quick results made XLReporter the complete package.
Doug Graham, Central Arkansas Water

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Knowledgeable Help

I have never dealt with a better technical support team. They were very quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable.
Ryan Shamel, Allied Controls LLC

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Success from Version 1.0

We have done three PCS7 Boiler Control systems with XLReporter recently and have had great success. We have been using XLReporter since version 1.0. We recommend this product to every customer looking for custom reports. We are very satisfied with your product.
Steam Plant Systems

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We Were in Skilled Hands

I would like to thank you for your excellent customer support. You quickly diagnosed where our data collection issues were and how we were storing the data from our PLC’s. I was most impressed with your guidance. I know that if we should need additional assistance, we are in skilled hands.
Mark Diehl, RTI Advanced Forming Inc.

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Most Pleasant and Productive Experience

I had the most pleasant and productive experience today calling your technical support group. They were consummate professionals and are examples of excellent customer service that all companies should aspire to. This IS how it should be done.
Richard Nixon, Systems East.

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