XLReporter Version 12.0

Connect. Design. Produce. Distribute.


New Reporting Engine

No installation of Excel in order to produce reports automatically from the scheduler, on-demand or from windows tablets.

Unlimited Templates and Tags

No limit to the number of templates.

Template Library

Creates report templates in a few easy steps. Select a style, pick the data source and a schedule, and the configuration is done automatically.

Improved Template Studio

The template studio is built into the most widely used analysis tool in the world; Microsoft Excel. Design templates using features like charts, formatting and formula together with XLReporter functions designed specifically for industry.

New Project Explorer

The Project Explorer is re-designed with action oriented tabs and icons so all the features of XLReporter are easily accessed.

More Data Connector

New data connectors to: Data connectors can run side-by-side populating common reports, allowing values from different data sources (such as real-time data from AB PLCs and historical values from Proficy Historian) to be incorporated into a single report.

Advanced Calculations

Over 30 advanced calculations performed from raw data including Accumulation, Difference, Energy emission, K inetic Temperature, Sample analysis, Performance analysis, Pulse Analysis and Runtimes. Filtering of the raw data prior to calculations and scaling of the results before they are displayed is standard.

New Excel Functions

Backfill Reports

Backfill reports from past data. Select the schedule lines to execute and the time period of interest and generate years of past reports. Version 12.0 Summary